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What is Internet Banking?
State Bank of Wapello Internet Banking is a convenient way to access your accounts without going to the Bank. State Bank of Wapello is available to you from your home or office - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just by using your personal computer.

What Can I Do With Internet Banking?
You can access your checking, savings, line of credit, certificates of deposits, or loans to verify balances, *pay bills, *transfer money between accounts, and export information to your personal financial software.

*Some restrictions apply. Ask our Customer Service Representatives for clarification.

How Do The Balances That Are Shown Online Compare To The Bank Computer Balances?
We use "Real Time Access" for our balance information. This means that the balance you see at home is exactly what the balance shows at the bank.

How Much Does Internet Banking Cost?
The service is free for our customers.

Is Internet Banking Private and Secure?
Yes, provided you follow the security guidelines provided below. We have incorporated strong security methods to ensure your privacy and financial safety. For example, your Internet Banking sessions are encrypted to maintain your privacy. We use several robust layers of technology to ensure that your Internet transactions are secure and tamper-proof.

What Can I Do To Protect Myself?
Your Access ID and Password provide one of the most important security features for Internet Banking. Do not share them with anyone. Because you can select and change your password at anytime, you can prevent unauthorized online access to your accounts by changing your password frequently.

Other security tips:

  • Keep your web browser software up-to-date to take advantage of the latest security enhancements.
  • Take precautions to keep your device(s) free from viruses that might be used to capture password keystrokes or send information from your device. Be especially wary of free games or applications for tablets and phones.
  • Please be careful where you choose to do your Internet Banking and what you do with your transaction data. AVOID using free Wi-Fi connections provided by hotels and restaurants. Computers can be configured to capture private information from unsuspecting Internet users.
  • If you get an unexpected web page asking you for your credit card, password or account information, STOP. DO NOT disclose this information.
  • DO NOT share disks or USB keys that contain confidential information even if you think you have erased the information.
  • It is a good idea to shred printouts of your account information before discarding them.
The simplest and most effective way to protect your account is to use a dedicated computer or tablet that is never used for anything other than Internet Banking.

What Equipment Do I Need?
Any computer, tablet, or phone with Internet access may be used. For your financial safety you should be sure that your operating system and browser have the latest security updates installed. For best results use Internet Explorer.

Can I Access Internet Banking Through My Current Internet Service?

Does Internet Banking Work With Personal Finance Software?
Internet banking can be used with financial software that will accept QIF or comma delimited files.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Problems Or Questions?
You can contact us by calling one of our Customer Service Representatives at 319-523-2131

How Do I Get Started?
If you have an account with State Bank of Wapello, return to the main page and click on the "Enroll Online" link. It will take you to our Service Agreement. After reading the disclosures and terms of service, click on the "I Understand and Agree" button. Fill out the First Time Log In form. We will then mail two (2) separate notices to you, one with your Access ID and one with your Password. Once you have received both notices go to and enter your Access ID. When you are asked for your Password enter the Password that was sent to you. You will then be prompted to change your Password. You are now off and running.

Or, you can stop into any State Bank of Wapello location and the bank's staff can help you get started.

How Long Will It Take To Get Setup For internet banking?
Your Access ID and Password will be assigned and mailed to you within 3-5 days. The Access ID and Password are mailed in separate envelopes and mailed one day apart for security purposes.

When I log on for the first time I get the error message "Invalid Security Code". What am I doing wrong?
When entering the Access ID and Password you received by mail, you will need to enter them exactly as they appear on the notice. Both the Access ID and password are case sensitive. In addition, the letter O can sometimes fall between numbers. This can sometimes be confused for the number 0. Be sure to try both options.

If I have multiple checking and savings accounts, do I have to enroll for each account?
Enroll using your primary account. Once you begin using Internet Banking you should see all the accounts at State Bank of Wapello for which you are a signer. If you do not see some of your accounts please call our bookkeeping department and we will help you gain access to them.

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